Obstetrics (Routine and High-Risk)

So you found out you are pregnant?  Congratulations!  Whether this is your first pregnancy or you already have several children, we understand that each pregnancy is different. Northside Women's Specialists offers many options for support during this important time. We will try our best to provide you with the information you need to make important decisions related to your pregnancy. Our obstetrics services include:
• High-risk pregnancy management
• Vaginal and cesarean deliveries
• Natural childbirth deliveries
• Certified nurse midwifery services (routine and high-risk)
• Non-invasive prenatal testing
• Athlete pregnancy management
• Genetic counseling and screening
• Diagnostic ultrasound


Maternal-Fetal Medicine (High-Risk Pregnancies)

Our maternal-fetal medicine physicians, also known as perinatologists, specialize in managing or consulting for high-risk pregnant patients. The referring obstetrician selects the level of involvement needed. This promotes a coordinated approach to problem management for high-risk pregnancies.


Maternal-fetal medicine (perinatal) referrals can be made for:

•Perinatal consultation only
•Diagnostic ultrasound studies
•Collaborative pregnancy management
•Comprehensive management through delivery


Common reasons for maternal-fetal medicine (perinatal) consultation include:

Prenatal diagnosis, such as amniocentesis or CVS
•Pre-term labor
•Recurrent pregnancy loss
•Multiple gestations
•Suspected birth defects
•Chronic or acute disease management
•Possible teratogen exposure
•Preconception counseling
•Perinatal procedures: PUBS, fetal transfusions, NST




Northside Women's Specialists is affiliated with Obstetrix Medical Group
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