Search Tips

By default the search will locate articles which contain all of the words entered in your search query. Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly.

Quotation Marks
The default search behavior may be modified by using a phrase search. The phrase search uses quotation marks to find words which must appear adjacent to each other, for example "Breast Cancer". Without quotation marks, the search results will include articles that contain the words Breast OR Cancer, but they may appear anywhere, and in any order, within the body of the article.

Use multiple words
Using multiple words will return more refined results than a single word. For example, typing Breast Cancer will return more relevant results than typing just Cancer.

Ignored words
Common small words such as "the", "and", and single letters and numbers will be automatically removed from your search query before processing your request. To override this behavior, enclose your query in quotation marks. For example, if you type "All about Cancer"; the words "all" and "about" will not be removed.