How old should a young woman be for her first gynecological exam?

We advise that all girls be seen at age 15 for a consult visit. During this visit, the teen and the gynecologist have a chance to establish a relationship. The provider can generally address issues related to periods, sexuality, dating, alcohol and drugs. Pelvic exams are generally not done during this visit, unless the teen is being seen for a problem that requires an exam.
Visits can be done sooner if there are any concerns regarding normal female development or abnormal periods. Those types of visits may require a pelvic exam, as well as other testing.
The first pap smear should be done by age 21 or three years after first sexual intercourse. Of course, this does not mean an internal or external exam does not happen prior to first pap smear.
Our hope is to keep the environment secure and relaxed for the young teen!

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