What is the difference between a midwife and an OB?

Both midwives and OBs are trained to care for pregnant women and assist them during their deliveries. However, there are some differences in training and their approaches in managing pregnant women.
Midwives cannot perform cesarean sections or any other surgical procedures. They cannot repair severe vaginal lacerations without assistance from an obstetrician and they do not perform circumcisions. Midwives have a much more holistic approach to obstetrical care and will generally spend more time with you during your prenatal visits and supporting you during your labor.

Obstetricians can perform cesarean sections and any other necessary surgical procedure during your pregnancy and delivery. They also perform circumcisions. Physicians have a more medical approach to obstetrical care. In general, they have a less “hands on” approach to labor and delivery as they handle more complications during this process for a larger number of patients.

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