What is BRCA testing?

It is test that helps determine whether a person has inherited the gene involved in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome. The presence of this gene significantly increases a woman’s risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Who should consider BRCA testing?
Women with a strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer, e.g. multiple family members on one side or the other of their family; women with a personal history of pre-menopausal breast or ovarian cancer.

What about women with no risk factor for breast cancer?
In 2008, a new test became available for women to evaluate their risk for breast cancer regardless of risk factors. The test is called deCODE BreastCancer™, and is DNA based. The test evaluates for the presence of seven markers associated with the majority of female breast cancers. Testing can be done with either a blood sample or a sample of cells from inside the cheek.

For more questions about this test or BRCA testing please make an appointment with your provider for a consultation.

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