Patient Stories

Megan Tucker

Megan Tucker has been a longtime patient of Northside Women's Specialists. The group has provided her OB/GYN care for more than ten years and seen her through not one, but two pregnancies.

As a high-risk perinatal nurse, Megan knew she had a lot of choices for OBGYN care in the Atlanta area. But she was in a unique position - she could witness the daily interaction of a variety of clinicians and their patients, and ultimately chose Northside Women's Specialists. She not only agreed with their patient care philosophy but also thought personality-wise, it was a good fit.

Megan made a good decision, because when it was time to deliver her second child, she experienced complications with her epidural that made it less effective. She credits Wanda Jeon, Northside Women’s Specialists certified nurse midwife (CNM), for helping her get through what could have been a much more difficult situation.

Wanda had been on call for 24 hours, but if she was fatigued, she didn't show it. She was at Megan's bedside throughout most of her labor, guiding and coaching her.

"I can't express how supported I felt," says Megan. "Wanda was gentle but encouraging. It was almost like she sensed what I needed."

Megan notes that Wanda was very respectful of Megan and her husband's wishes. While she did not have a lengthy birth plan, she did have some basic requests, which Wanda met.

Her delivery lasted less than 20 minutes. "It wasn't what everyone thinks about a delivery," says Megan. "It was very calm and relaxed." As is the nature of midwives, "Wanda let me and the baby do what we needed to do" Megan adds.

On March 5, Eliza Joyce Tucker was born.


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