Why Choose A Midwife?

Highly Trained

Midwives are highly trained, master's prepared clinicians with expertise in the management of labor and vaginal births. A recent Lancet series published in June 2014 identifies the role of midwives as "pivotal" in improving the health and lives of mothers and newborns globally. "We identified over 50 short-term, medium-term, and long-term outcomes that could be improved by care within the scope of midwifery; reduced maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity, reduced stillbirths and preterm birth, decreased number of unnecessary interventions, and improved psychosocial and public health outcomes."

While the Lancet series focused on resource limited countries where maternal and newborn complications are higher, they recognize that in countries with greater health care resources like the United States,  the over use of interventions and over medicalization of pregnancy can cause long lasting effects on mothers and their newborns.

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Lower Cesarean Rates

 It has been documented that women in the United States cared for by certified nurse midwives experience lower rates of cesarean delivery (13% vs. 32.8%), episiotomies, and severe perineal trauma. Births in the United States attended by certified nurse midwives and certified midwives reached a record high of 11.4% in 2009 and continue to rise. This is likely due to women seeking alternative birth choices and their desire to avoid cesarean delivery.

High Patient Satisfaction

Beyond statistics, patient satisfaction with midwifery care is high because they provide attentive, collaborative, and individualized care focused on patient education.

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